“Kwaito” Vibe



lthough Gauteng is South Africa’s smallest province, two of the countries major cities are found here – Johannesburg and Pretoria. These two expanding cities are about 70 km from each other and linked by major highways.

Johannesburg is an audacious, frenzied city built on gold and powered by the relentless pursuit of wealth. It is considered to have the energy of New York and the traffic system of Los Angeles. It includes the legendary Soweto with its hip “kwaito” vibe.

Pretoria is the quiet city, with far less hustle and bustle than its golden neighbour. Renown for its leafy streets and historic buildings such as the Union Buildings from where Nelson Mandela gave his inaugural address as President of South Africa.



Passion Sparkles..

Pretoria: Home to the world’s biggest diamond in existence (the famous Cullinan Diamond that is now found in the Queen’s crown), Cullinan Diamond Mine is also known as the Premier Diamond Mine. It lies over one of the biggest kimberlite pipes in the world. Here, we’ll be given a bite-sized introduction to diamond mining and a detailed tour of the mine. A stop at the mine’s diamond shop adds a sparkle to the day’s plans.

After the diamond tour, return to a bygone era with a visit to the Sammy Marks Museum situated just outside of Pretoria.
This lovely Victorian mansion which dates back to 1884 and Victorian garden make for a day out with a difference. The mansion was the residence of Sammy Marks who made a significant contribution to the mining, industrial and agricultural development of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek. Sammy Marks is one of the only Victorian museums in South Africa that has managed to retain the interior of the home almost exactly as it was – a completely authentic representation of life in the late 19th century.

An al fresco picnic lunch is served in the gardens while sipping on authentic South African sparkling wine. The Passion Sparkle is privately guided by our expert guides.