hao Lak Seaside is located 32 kilometres from Amphoe Takua Pa and offers another popular seaside attraction. There is a wide sandy beach with rocks of different sizes. The atmosphere is relaxing and suitable for swimming. It is a nice place to admire the setting sun. It is also a location of many hotels and resorts with designs of accommodation and landscapes that blend harmoniously with the seaside ambience: serene and shady with pine trees and coconut groves on the beach. Its intact nature is gaining popularity among Thai as well as foreign visitors. Opposite the entrance to the Park is situated Chaopho Khao Lak Shrine, which is much revered by villagers. ( Credit: )


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8.28 million (estimated, 2010)



Bangkok has a tropical climate influenced by monsoons. Rainy season is from May to October, cool (!) season begins in November and ends in February, hot season is from March to May. Occasional storms can be throughout the year. Average temperatures stay well above 30C throughout the year. DRESS CODE: light cotton clothing, comfortable shoes, sandals, hat, sunglasses. When visiting temples it is advisable to dress modestly and wear shirts with sleeves. A few temples and palaces (i.e. the Grand Palace) have a dress code: no short sleeves, short pants or skirts as well as tight fitting trousers, or see through dresses. Within the holiest part of temples shoes have to be removed (a pair of thick socks is a good alternative on wet or hot floors). Some classy venues such as restaurants and rooftop bars require a smart casual attire.


Bangkok is a real heaven for shoppers: from the local and week end markets to the gleaming shopping malls you can find virtually whatever you are looking for.
Most shopping malls open at 10 am to 10 pm.


In Thailand smoking is forbidden in all temples, public transport, airports (they may have designated smoking areas), train and bus stations, indoor public places including office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, shops.


Tip is discretionary and up to you, of course gratuities for a good service are appreciated.